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"Outlander" Vengeance Is Mine(2016) [UPDATED]

The climax of the episode did work in many satisfying ways, though. Mary's evolution and the subtlety of her missing stutter when she sees Claire again was some solid character development, as was her decision to kill Danton for his assault of her. Murtagh coming through and killing the Duke of Sandringham was another great, if bloody, moment. He promised vengeance for Claire, and vengeance she got. It's a shame that the whole reveal of Sandringham's betrayal didn't work as well as it could have.

"Outlander" Vengeance Is Mine(2016)

Murtagh had sworn in Paris to deliver vengeance to the man who attacked them while Claire was under his watch and now he's fulfilled that oath. The decapitation was brutal, but re-enforced that crossing the Frasers has a price and that Murtagh does not make promises lightly. Jamie and Claire are lucky to have him in their corner. 041b061a72


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