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Misti Love [EXCLUSIVE]

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misti love

I have been an RN since 1991 and have taught nursing since 2018. My experience is in ICU, CCU, NICU, dialysis, ER, cardiac cath lab and the OR. I have taught pathophysiology, pharmacology, dosage calculations, advanced medical surgical, care of the older adult and health assessment. I have a passion for teaching, and I am very creative. I love to bring my creativity to the classroom to enhance learning.

it gives me the opportunity to meet the specific needs of the student. I love it when the light bulb goes on, and the student is able to successfully grasp the content. Each student is a new challenge and adventure for me. Teaching and assisting students to become nurses and watching them grow brings me joy.

I love the sound of MISTI and your job sounds really interesting. What are your working hours? And also which distribution of Linux did you install? Recently I installed kubuntu and then GNOME over the top so I can switch between the two, and I really like it! 041b061a72


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