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Download Amazing Cars for Brick Rigs and Experience Realistic Physics and Destruction

The game offers several game modes that players can choose from, including sandbox mode, crash mode, and race mode. In sandbox mode, players can use various types of bricks, including basic bricks, specialty bricks, and sloped bricks, to create structures of their own. The game also includes vehicles like cars, trucks, airplanes, and helicopters that players can use in different game modes.

brick rigs download cars

The mechanics of the game focus on the construction of your own vehicles, made from the blocks that resemble those produced by the famous Danish company. As with the LEGO bricks, you are limited only by your imagination but this time you have all the bricks you can wish for. With them, you can construct any vehicle that we will then move on the map. You can conquer both ground space. This means that in addition to the cars, you will also be able to construct flying vehicles!


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