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Watch Green Day's Epic Mud Fight at Woodstock '94 - Download Now

How to Download Green Day Live at Woodstock '94

If you are a fan of punk rock, you probably know about Green Day, one of the most influential and popular bands in the genre. You may also be familiar with their legendary performance at Woodstock '94, a music festival that celebrated the 25th anniversary of the original Woodstock in 1969. Green Day's set at Woodstock '94 was one of the most memorable moments of the festival, as they engaged in a mud fight with their fans and delivered a raw and energetic show that showcased their classic songs from their breakthrough album Dookie.

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If you want to relive this historic performance, you may be wondering how to download Green Day Live at Woodstock '94. In this article, we will show you where to find free and legal downloads of this live album, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each method. By downloading Green Day Live at Woodstock '94 legally, you will not only enjoy high-quality audio, but also respect the rights of the artists and avoid any legal issues.

Where to Find Free and Legal Downloads of Green Day Live at Woodstock '94

There are several websites that offer free and legal downloads of music, including live albums and videos. Some of them are:


YouTube is one of the most popular sources of online music, as it hosts millions of videos uploaded by users, artists, labels, and other entities. You can easily find videos of Green Day Live at Woodstock '94 on YouTube, either as a full concert or as individual songs. However, YouTube does not allow you to download videos directly from its platform, so you will need to use a third-party tool to convert them into MP3 files.

There are many YouTube to MP3 converters available online, such as,, or All you need to do is copy the URL of the video you want to download, paste it into the converter's website, choose the output format (usually MP3), and click on download. The converter will then process the video and provide you with a link to download the MP3 file.

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The pros of this method are that it is free, easy, and fast. You can also choose which songs you want to download from the concert. The cons are that the audio quality may not be very good, as it depends on the original video quality. Also, some YouTube to MP3 converters may contain ads, pop-ups, or malware that can harm your device or compromise your privacy.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library that preserves and provides access to millions of books, movies, music, software, and other media. Among its collections, you can find the Audio Archive, which contains free music recordings, audiobooks, podcasts, radio programs, and more. You can also search for Woodstock '94, which contains audio recordings of various artists who performed at the festival, including Green Day.

To download Green Day Live at Woodstock '94 from the Internet Archive, you can go to this page, which has the full concert in MP3 format. You can either download the whole album as a ZIP file, or download each song individually. You can also stream the songs online or embed them on your website or blog.

The pros of this method are that it is free, legal, and reliable. The audio quality is also decent, as it comes from a soundboard recording. The cons are that the download speed may be slow, depending on your internet connection and the traffic on the website. Also, the album does not have any cover art or metadata, so you will have to add them manually if you want to organize your music library.


Bandcamp is a website that allows independent artists and labels to sell and distribute their music online. You can find a variety of genres and styles on Bandcamp, as well as some rare and exclusive releases. Bandcamp also supports artists by giving them a fair share of the revenue and allowing them to set their own prices.

To find Green Day Live at Woodstock '94 on Bandcamp, you can use the search function or browse by tags. However, you may not find the official release by Green Day, as they do not have an account on Bandcamp. Instead, you may find some unofficial or fan-made versions of the album, such as this one or this one. These versions may have different tracklists, audio quality, or prices than the original one.

The pros of this method are that it is legal and supports independent artists. You can also choose the format and quality of the download, as well as pay what you want or get it for free (if the artist allows it). The cons are that you may not get the authentic version of the album, and that some versions may have low audio quality or incomplete songs.


Green Day Live at Woodstock '94 is a must-have for any punk rock fan, as it captures one of the most iconic performances of the band and of the festival. You can download this live album for free and legally from various websites, such as YouTube, Internet Archive, or Bandcamp. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should choose the one that suits your preferences and needs.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and leave a comment below. Also, don't forget to check out Green Day's official website for more information about their music, tours, merchandise, and more.


When and where was Green Day Live at Woodstock '94 recorded?

Green Day Live at Woodstock '94 was recorded on August 14th, 1994 at Winston Farm in Saugerties, New York. It was part of the Woodstock '94 music festival that celebrated the 25th anniversary of the original Woodstock in 1969.

What songs did Green Day perform at Woodstock '94?

Green Day performed 14 songs at Woodstock '94, mostly from their third studio album Dookie, which was released earlier that year. The songs were:

  • Welcome to Paradise

  • One of My Lies

  • Chump

  • Longview

  • Basket Case

  • When I Come Around

  • Burnout

  • F.O.D.

  • Paper Lanterns

  • Shit Show (improvised song)

  • Mud Fight (improvised song)

  • All by Myself (hidden track)

  • Dominated Love Slave (hidden track)

  • Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)

What happened during Green Day's performance at Woodstock '94?

Green Day's performance at Woodstock '94 was marked by a massive mud fight between the band and their fans. It started when some people in the crowd began throwing mud at the stage, and Green Day responded by throwing mud back at them. The situation escalated into a chaotic scene where people were slipping, sliding, and wrestling in the mud. The band also encouraged the fans to rush the stage and join them in playing their instruments. The security guards tried to stop them, but they were outnumbered and overpowered. The performance ended with Green Day smashing their equipment and leaving the stage covered in mud.

How can I support Green Day as an artist?

One of the best ways to support Green Day as an artist is to buy their music and merchandise from their official website or authorized retailers. You can also stream their music on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube Music, which pay royalties to the artists. Another way to support Green Day is to attend their live shows and concerts, which are always fun and energetic. You can also follow them on social media and join their fan community, where you can interact with other fans and share your love for the band.

What other live albums or videos by Green Day are available for download?

Green Day has released several live albums and videos over the years, which capture their amazing performances and stage presence. Some of them are:

Live Album/Video



Bullet in a Bible


A concert at the Milton Keynes National Bowl in England during the American Idiot Tour

Awesome as Fuck


A compilation of various concerts from the 21st Century Breakdown World Tour



A documentary that follows the making of the trilogy albums Uno!, Dos!, and Tré!

Heart Like a Hand Grenade


A documentary that shows the recording process of the album American Idiot

God's Favorite Band


A greatest hits album that includes two new songs and a live version of "Ordinary World"

You can find these live albums and videos on various websites, such as Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, or Green Day's official website. You can also stream them on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube.


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