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Libromatematicas2secundariaeditorialcastillopdf is a term that refers to a book of mathematics for second grade of secondary education published by Ediciones Castillo, a Mexican editorial company. The book is part of a series of textbooks that cover the official curriculum of mathematics for public schools in Mexico. The book aims to help students develop mathematical skills and competencies through a clear and engaging methodology.

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Features of the book

The book has the following features:

  • It is organized in three units that correspond to the evaluation periods of the school year.

  • It follows a content-based approach, with lessons that consider the real workload of each subject.

  • It offers a methodology that allows students to recover previous knowledge, and then acquire and practice new ones.

  • It includes sections to review and consolidate the learning outcomes and prepare for formative and summative assessments.

  • It provides clear methods to improve problem-solving and mathematical thinking.

  • It incorporates special sections to work on topics related to socio-emotional education and human and sustainable development.

  • It promotes the use of information and communication technologies to develop digital skills.

Benefits of the book

The book offers the following benefits:

  • It supports students in achieving the learning standards and competencies established by the national curriculum.

  • It fosters students' interest and motivation for mathematics through relevant and meaningful contexts.

  • It enhances students' understanding and application of mathematical concepts, procedures, and reasoning.

  • It develops students' autonomy, creativity, and critical thinking through challenging activities and projects.

  • It contributes to students' personal and social growth through values, attitudes, and emotions.

  • It prepares students for their academic and professional future by providing them with 21st century skills.


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