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Damon Thompson Ministries - This day, dare to exchange the fear in your eyes for the jealousy in His. Your exodus is overdue. Your discomfort is your grace-filled invitation to the Father's glorious design called "The Wilderness." It is the place where your wild DNA is redeemed and where you are delivered once and for all from all inferior domesticated notions. Fear forced you to be a conformist in a sterile paradigm incapable of reproduction. Courage is calling you even now into the holy wild of the Father's supreme design. In the devouring devotional jealousy of His majesty we will never be the same. If you can give it up, you can have it all.

Download When Will Heaven Call m4a

Damon Thompson Ministries - The Wilderness inherits a supreme promotion in value when we realize that it is God's ultimate zip code for releasing strategic patterns designed to receive and host His glory. If a man cannot be trusted to yield to the divine pull of the Father's jealousy made manifest in the wilderness, then that man will never be able to be trusted with the inheritance of the new wine-skin pattern. The new pattern is not intended to promote or in any way draw attention to the man, his church or his ministry; however this pattern is permission granted to build one distinct thing for one specific cause: a place where He comes and ultimately a place where He stays.

Damon Thompson Ministries - Honor and Alignment. Experience the freedom, power and rest that comes from being a son. Honor opens the door to you becoming who you are called to be. Johnson teaches about the marks of a dishonorable son and what it looks like to dishonor. Dishonor will disqualify you from the transformative glory.

Damon Thompson Ministries - Is what I am doing in life having any impact for eternity's sake? If my life is a vapor, how do I make sure I do not waste my vapor? God wants to remove worthless, useless, and impure things for the sake of fruit. God did not call you for the sake of your calling or purpose. He called you first and most importantly to Him and to be like a son sitting in the safety of your Father's lap. Your perspective determines your priorities and your priorities will determine your pace. Slow down and get connected to Him and you will naturally bear fruit.

Damon Thompson Ministries - Do not just simply enjoy revival. If you only enjoy revival it will be short-term. Revival is an authorization to build a culture that re-presents a world that makes earth look like heaven. Enjoy the move of God, but also pay the price to build something out of it. Revival authorizes you to build a culture that baptizes people in the spirit of revival and then to send those people all over the globe to spread revival. Allow God to build something in you so that one day He can build something through you.

Damon Thompson Ministries - Prophetic Funneling Part 1: A funnel is broad at the top and narrows at the point of entrance. The Lord will initially give people a broad and generic calling and purpose for their life but after a period of time walking with Him, He crucifies inferior ambitions until He brings us down to the place where we begin to desire a point of entrance for Him and not a level of success for us. He funnels your assignment from something broad and generic to something targeted and specific. In the funnel there is spinning and often great pressure but stay in the funnel because God is narrowing you and shaping you into a vessel of honor.

Damon Thompson Ministries - The 90 days may have been about receiving qualification for life's greatest purpose which is "proximity." However, it is likely that we will never get to a place with God called "near enough." The generator for our purpose must then be "thirst." Many continually ask God to come and give them something but never ask God to give them the ability to give something to someone else. It is still more blessed to give than to receive.

Damon Thompson Ministries - We are learning how to sit in a seat called "beloved" at a table called "goodness" in a house called "Abba's" in a land called "free indeed." If you ever try to get into close proximity with God with the mindset that you are guilty you will never make it into close proximity. You have to accept your status of innocence through the blood of Jesus if you want to ever approach the throne of grace boldly. Your boldness cannot come as a consequence of what you did or did not do. Your boldness has to come out of the confidence of knowing the sacrifice of God was sufficient.

Damon Thompson Ministries - It is amazing how much better of a job we can do navigating struggles when we focus on the promises of God instead of our struggles. If you put the spotlight on the struggle it causes you to take your attention off of the promise. Refuse to let your struggles have the spotlight. Keep the spotlight and the focus on the promises. Most charismatic people are too emotional to rejoice when they have issues. You are not entitled to sulk when you have issues and it will actually keep you from breakthrough. Without faith it is impossible to please God. We must stay in faith even when it contradicts our feelings.

Damon Thompson Ministries - We often refer to the man in Mark 10:17 as the Rich Young Ruler when in reality he is actually a Poor Young Slave. Many are willing to acknowledge Jesus as "good" but are not willing to make Him "God" of their life. God is looking for people who are willing to sell all they have so they can have all of who He is. The price cannot compare to what He has called you to inherit in the end.

Damon Thompson Ministries - The Life of Thomas. God has the remedy for your shattered faith. He has wounds that were made to cause you to believe again. Thomas' issue was not doubt, it was pain. What do you need when it hurts too much to believe? You need a God who can walk through walls. Take His hands and explore the scars; they are proof that His love will never fail.

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Fr. Riccardo discusses a hopeful word, a familiar word, and a commissioning word in this homily from the 10 AM Mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church. While reflecting on the passing of his mother, Thelma Riccardo, on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows (September 15th), Fr. John turns to Revelation 21 and the promise that God has made to each of us that there will be a new heaven and a new earth. He tells the congregants that Jesus has defeated Satan, Sin, and Death by His death on the cross. Fr. John concludes by using the words of Winston Churchill to the people of England during the early stages of World War II as words of commissioning for us. Fr. John remarks that God has created us, and gifted us, to live at this time with the mission to tell others about Jesus.

Fr. Riccardo looks at our response to all that God has done for us while discussing the judgment day. Fr. John describes the marriage between Christ and the church while telling the congregants that good works alone are insufficient when rendering an account for our lives. What will our response be when we are asked by Jesus, "Do you love me?"

Fr. Riccardo preached at the 4 PM Mass honoring parish members completing their high school or college studies. Fr. John tells the graduates that happiness is only found through friendship with God and with each other. He encourages them to pray for great friends. He remarks that the foundational source of security is knowledge that God is good and that he will give what is needed. Fr. John concludes by tell the graduates that the commandments of God are not arbitrary, but were given out of love. He encourages the graduates to use their minds when their faith is under attack.

Fr. Riccardo's father, John J. Riccardo, was called to receive his heavenly reward on February 13th. Fr. John offers a tribute to his father in this homily from the 8 AM Mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church.

While reflecting on the first reading from Kings (1 KGS 19:4-8) and the gospel of St. John (JN 6:41-51), Fr. Riccardo tells us that we are not alone. Fr. John looks at food in the scripture readings as a foreshadowing of the Eucharist, and reminds the congregants that God will miraculously provide for us when we are not strong enough on our own to deal with the burdens of life.

In this homily from the Easter Vigil Mass, Fr. Riccardo considers the last words of Jesus in relation to one parish family and in relation to the mission of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish. Fr. John reminds the congregants that when the world has nothing to offer, He has everything. Fr. John encourages all parishioners to strive to live their lives so that others will encounter Jesus and come to know Him.

While considering the gospel account of Jesus raising Lazarus from the grave (JN 11:1-45), Fr. Riccardo reminds the congregation that, as He did for Lazarus, Jesus saves us from our sin, our pain and our death by his sacrifice on the cross. Fr. John tells the congregation that Jesus is calling us to come out of our indifference and apathy, and asks how we will respond to all that Christ has done for us.

From September 2010 through March 2011, Fr. Riccardo will present a series of talks on The Theology of the Body, a series of lectures given by Pope John Paul II during his Wednesday audiences between 1979 and 1984. A schedule and a bibliography for Fr. John's talks are available for download. On September 8th, the series began with a viewing of the movie Nine Days that Changed the World, a documentary that chronicled Pope John Paul II's pilgrimage to Poland in June of 1979.

One day we will all pass from this world. No one knows when that moment will come. Are you ready to surrender in peace, trusting the One who loves you? Each of us hopes to have many more years here. Life is a gift. Are you ready to receive it with presence and gratitude? Listen to this inspiring message to help you embrace the gift of life each day. 041b061a72


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