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Hi again.Nice work with this game.But i woyld like to tell some ideas in can you make TRINE 3.First you could add some new enemies,but keep enemies like goblins but named orcs and bonecrushers named trolls,and add some bats and skeletons from trine 1.Also,add some computer players like knights archers who are in the game and fight the enemies(somethink like the archers from goblin menace level 1).In addition,you could make more levels (18 for example)with more enviroments (rivers,lakes,deserts,mountains,ice and much more).You could also keep some spells from trine and trine 2 like the trigon and make some new.And i think the giant worm should be in the game once more(like the dragon).Anyway thats mine ideas,but plz will you add at leats one of these ideas?(sorry for my bad english)

Trine PSN

Hi again.1 more question.My computer is old(2005-6)and its windows xp,so for a reason he cant run trine 2.So,do i have to change my computer,or i have to change the sistem from windows xp,to windows 7 or 8? 041b061a72


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